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Warmly celebrate the official website of Weihai Langbao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. successfully opened!

Weihai Langbao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. was formerly the fishing gear production workshop of Weihai Measuring Tool Factory.

Weihai Langbao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. Was formerly the fishing gear production workshop of Weihai Measuring Tool Factory. Since 1982, it has started to develop and produce fishing reel products with global fishing gear. It is the first enterprise in China to produce fishing reel products. Langbao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. was separated from Weihai City Measuring Tool Factory in 1997. In 2002, it was transformed into a joint-stock enterprise. Now it has developed into a fishing gear manufacturer with Wande fishing gear, Anda sporting goods, remote outdoor products and Jinchang fishing gear. And a group company of a self-owned brand management company. The main products involve four types of fishing gear products such as fishing reels, fishing rods, tools and lures. China's first fishline industry standard was implemented as the national industry standard by the company's corporate standards.
The company has strong technical strength and has a high-quality, technically-skilled R&D team. It has developed and developed fishing gears such as spinning wheels, transverse wheels, digital display wheels, high-intelligent electric fishing reels, luminous fishing rods, and spinning fake lures. A large number of technical backbones and leaders have been transported for the development of the fishing gear industry in Weihai. Contributed to the development of the Chinese fishing gear industry.
The company has more than 700 employees, more than 60 professional and technical personnel, and an annual output value of 180 million yuan.
Technological innovation is the constant pursuit of Langbao. In 2008, it independently developed and produced the first digital display wheel in China, and the electronic application technology first appeared on the fishing reel. Electronic technology such as integrated circuits and information processing is used to convert mechanical motion into electronic digital display to accurately display the length of the payout. In 2013, the second generation of digital display increased the use of solar cells to recharge solar cells, extending battery life. On this basis, in 2016, LCD backlights were added to facilitate night fishing.
Starting from the preparation of high-intelligence electric fishing reels in 2012, the high-intelligence electric fishing reel project will be launched in February 2016. It is planned to complete a total investment of 12 million yuan in five years and complete a series of 6 specifications and 12 product models. R&D and manufacturing. At the same time of independent research and development, we cooperated with Harbin (Weihai) University of Technology to develop key components of high-intelligent electric wheels---intelligent control program; cooperated with foreign companies to develop high-speed, high-torque micro-DC motors to solve electric The key technical problems of the fishing reel.
Focus on brand building. Many companies in the fishing gear industry have been focusing on OEM production for many years. They do not have their own brands, and their products are sold by customers. In 2011, we will use the corporate philosophy of “doing sea fishing with heart” and strive to create our own intellectual property brand and our own boutique brand products. It has registered “ECOODA” trademarks in 11 countries including Australia, Japan, the United States, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., and applied for the “Showable Force Reel Torsion Torque” patent in 6 countries, and with Korea, Japan, Customers from countries such as Australia have jointly established foreign sales centers. In the domestic and the "World Fishing", Hunan Satellite TV "Happy Fishing" column and professional magazine "Lu Ya Times" and other front-line media, deep penetration from the north to the south into China's coastal areas. So far, the independent brand “ECOODA” has developed to more than 600 sales stores in China's coastal areas, more than 200 online online stores, and has reached strategic partnerships with more than 40 domestic fishing clubs, and with four overseas travel agencies. Docking, sales agents in 19 countries around the world. Products are available in all major cities around the world.
The “ECOODA” brand has been increasingly favored by the majority of sea fishing enthusiasts and has become the first brand of sea fishing.