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Under the concerted efforts of all shareholders, Langbao has entered the fast-track of rapid development. It not only implements international and domestic sales policies, but also implements technological improvements and industry diversification. In 2004, China and South Korea jointly established Wande fishing gear. In the forefront of the fishing gear industry, Guangzhou has absorbed nearly 100 outstanding talents into the company, And the Langbao fishing gear that combines the north and the south has become more powerful. In 2009, it proposed to establish its own brand OLYMPUS, and promoted the domestic sales and export business in succession; in 2010, it successively invested in the establishment of the Outdoor Outdoor Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and Anda Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., thus perfecting the fishing reels, fishing rods, tools and fakes of fishing tackles. Four types of bait, Langbao became a group of integrated fishing tackle manufacturers. In 2011, we registered the ECOODA brand in 19 countries around the world, and Langbao products entered the international road of creating local brands in China .